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tenda dekoasi vip

Monday, February 25, 2013
Posted by: alan

Means services STARTENDA Party With Your Choice Complete facilities, rent: VIP Tent decoration, roder VIP tent, VIP conical tents, tent ceiling, bazaar tents, Tent Decoration VVIP, VIP Tent decoration specially for the inauguration of the VIP tent opening factories, buildings, offices, foundations , etc. with complete facilities, from tents to cut the ribbon, ac, generator, aisle, tables, CHAIR, such as, chair futura, Betawi, sofa, flooring, carpets, tapestries, stage lighting, rigging, sound system, decor flowers, badrop stage , dll.HUBUNGI Mr. ALAN O21-70733246/08179839789, Mr. Lukman (Marketing) 0821 1015 4749, Office 021-78882768, Fax: 7866252 located at the end of the N0 171 Orchid Jagakarsa jakarta, order now we give great prices and special discounts for use of more than two (2) days. website, www.startenda.com, Fax, 7866252, E-mail: startenda@yahoo.com let the message you want to buy now juga.jika Roder tents, tents Sarnafyl (Cone) etc. we can serve, but we also produ
ce their own contact we immediately and check the price. and do not forget we also more subcribers satisfaction with the propesional TENT workers and experienced.
1 m2 enclosed tent decoration Minimum order 50 m2
2 m2 open tent decoration Minimum order 50 m2
3 Tent spring decorating Minimum order 50 m2 m2
4 Tent ceiling Minimum order 50 m2 m2
Tent 5 regular Minimum order 50 m2 m2
6 tent canopy decoration Minimum order 50 m2 m2
7 tent canopy semi Minimum order 50 m2 m2
8 tent canopy ceiling Minimum order 50 m2 m2
9 Tent Flooring roder m2 Decor Min. uk. 10mx20m
Tent Flooring roder 10 m2 Min. uk. 10mx20m
11 m2 tent usual roder Min. uk. 10mx20m
12 m2 tent rigging Minimum order 50 m2
13 tent cone / sarnafil 5mx5m unit Minimum order
14 tent cone / sarnafil 4mx4m unit Minimum order
15 tent cone / sarnafil 3mx3m unit Minimum order

16 seat cover futura ribbon pcs min order 100 pcs
17 Seats futura min order 100 pcs pcs
18 seat cover Chitos pcs min order 100 pcs
19 Seats Chitos pcs min order 100 pcs
20 pcs Chairs betawi

The round table cover 21 u /. 10 people Diameter 160 cm unit
The round table cover 22 u /. 6 people unit Diameter 120 cm
23 square table cover unit Size 80 cm x120 cm
24 square table cover unit size 60 cm x 90 cm

25 AC portable standing 3 PK unit Minimum order 2 units
Standing portable air conditioner 26 5 PK unit Minimum order 2 units
27 water cooling fan unit Minimum order 2 units
28 Fan / fan standing unit Minimum order of 4 units

29 Flooring / Footwear boards carpet m2
30 Carpets m2
31 m2 swimming pool cover

Stage 32 m2 Height 1 m
Stage 33 m2 Height 1.5 m
Stage 34 m2 Height 20 cm / 50 cm
Stage rigging 35 m2 Minimum order 50 m2

36 WC Box / Toilet mobile squatting unit
37 WC Box / mobile toilet seat unit

38 Video filming package
39 Photographers package
40 Photos pre wedding package
41 Plasma TV 42 inch unit

42 sound system
43 Organ single unit
44 harps unit
45 Laighting stage Package

Backdrop 46 m2
47 Parks / Mini garden m2 Minimum order 5 m
48 Partition bazaar / exhibition m2 Minimum order 200 m
49 weddings decorations m2
50 room decor, etc. Auning m2
51 Bannerman-pennant
52 huts set flush
53 Pergola set

54 pcs nett Fork Spoon Plate
55 pcs nett heating Rolltop
56 pcs nett regular heater
57 Bowl meatball scoop pcs nett
58 pcs flat plate nett
59 pcs nett Gubukan

60 Genset 40 kVA units
61 Genset 60 kVA units
62 Genset 80 kVA units
63 Genset 100 kva unit
Genset 150 kva
64 Baricade m2
65 Gate Rigging m2
Podium 66 unit development
67 Podium unit
68 Seat Vip unit
Vip Table 69 units

NB: Price Negotiable
Minimum 1.5 million bill

Contact :
Email: alan.startenda@gmail.com
Visit My website : 78882768


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