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jual injektor clener dan tester harga oke,kualitas terbaik

Monday, February 25, 2013
Posted by: siti faidah

www.glodokautomotive.com menawarkan alat bengkel salah satunya injektor clener dan tester harga oke,kualitas terbaik, dan bergaransi.
1. It can check the defects of leaking, blocking, atomization, the angle state of the injector, also the amount and the unifo rmity of spraying oil when the injectors are at different running speed.
2. After being equiped with ultrasonic cleaner the regorging and ultrasonic cleaning for single or several injectors will be avail able.

3. It is available for static and continuous testing and cleaning for various injectors with types of high or low -ohmic resistor, voltage and current.
4. It can simulate the accelerating or decelerating state of engine optionally.
5. Two checking methods(by timing or times) for you to choose.

6. It can determine the shortest switch Cyc, checkup and distinguish the injectors'quality.
7. Possessing the function of immune dismantling and oil route checking.

8. The back light makes the working state of injectors being shown clearly.
9. The checking connected bonders are available for various of injectors.
10. All the main components are imported from abroad with reliable quality.
11. Direct display of oil capacity level.
Power supply 220V/50Hz/1Ph
Range of turning speed 0-7500r/min
Spraying frequency 0-9900steplength100
Pulse width 0-20mss(teplength)0.1ms
Timing measurement 0-20min(adjustable)
The pressure of system 0-0.6Mpa(adjustable)
Oil tank capacity 2000ml
Ultrasonic cleanig power 70w(intermittent)
Frequency of ultrasonic cleaning 28kHz 0.5kHz
Measuring cylinder capacity 140ml
Measuring cylinder precision 2ml
Test method quantity 13
Display Digitron
Oil pump(imported) Siemens
Operate Key press
dimensions(LxWXH): 380mmx450mmx470mm
Weight of table: 20kg
Dimensions of table 400mmX450mmX730mm
Weight of main frame 17kg

kami juga siap memberikan training bagi anda yang blum mengetahui cara penggunaan alat bengkel ini dengan di bantu oleh tenaga teknisi yang handal dan berpengalaman.
info lengkap hubungi :
ida : 087782666245 / 081318480706
email : ga_mgk11@yahoo.com

Contact :
Email: ga_mgk11@yahoo.com
Visit My website : www.glodokautomotive.com


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